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How To Get Here

The public transportation system in Switzerland is very good, especially in the main cities. We therefore recommend that you use public transportation for your journey. There are also taxis, but the fares are rather high. The following instructions are in parts taken shamelessly from the ETH homepage.

From Zurich Airport (Total Travel Time Around 60 Minutes)

Zurich Airport is located in Kloten, a suburb north of Zurich.

After reclaiming baggage, follow the signs "Bahn/Railway" to ticket counters and machines. The trains are operated by the Swiss National Railway or SBB as they are called. Tickets have to be bought before boarding since no tickets are sold in trains, trams and buses. There are English instructions on the ticket machines; follow them or simply press the left (red) key at the bottom where it says "Zurich City" (make sure that the display shows "2 Std"). The machine prompts for 5.40 CHF and accepts coins as well as 20.- CHF banknotes and gives change. The ticket is valid during the next 2 hours for any train to Zurich as well as for the trams and buses in the city (streetcar, Strassenbahn). If you plan to stay the whole day, a day ticket (valid 24 hours) for 10.80 CHF is more suitable. For a day ticket, press the same red key as for the 2 hour ticket and then press the double arrow key <=> near the top of the machine (a day ticket is the same as a round trip ticket). There is a ticket office near the train station where you can ask for assistance. Take an escalator down to the platforms 3 or 4. Trains to city centre leave approx. every 10 minutes and take about 10 minutes to reach main station (Zurich HB). You can take a look at the timetable here.

Ok, you are almost here... At the main station walk to the head of the train and follow any signs to "Bahnhofquai". Once outside the station walk about 50 m up the road to the tram stop on the left-hand side. If you arrived by train and haven't yet got a tram ticket, you must now buy one from the blue ticket machine. Press either the green (2 hour ticket) or the blue (day ticket) button. We recommend you to buy a day ticket for 7.20 CHF which is valid for 24 hours for all trams and buses in the main zone (no. 10) of the city.

Take tram number 11 (color coded green) direction "Messe/Hallenstadion" to the stop "Bucheggplatz". There you have to change to bus no. 69 direction "ETH Hönggerberg" (terminus station). Our labs and offices are located on the F floor of finger 3 of the HCI building. See this map (opens in new window) for orientation.


Just some suggestions. There are a lot more restaurants in Zurich. It's generally recommended to call and reserve a table.

Category: $$$
Sala of Tokyo
Limmatstrasse 29
01 271 32 90
Japanese Casa Aurelio
Langstrasse 209
01 272 77 44
Rämistrasse 4
01 251 66 69
Swiss, International Casa Ferlin
Stampfenbachstrasse 38
01 362 35 09
Haus zum Rüden
Limmatquai 42
01 261 95 66
Category: $$
Hiltl Vegi
Sihlstrasse 28
01 221 38 70
Vegetarian, Indian buffet Maharaja
Weststrasse 180
01 462 62 85
Universitätstrasse 101
01 362 16 85
International Seerose
Seestrasse 493
01 481 63 83
Asian, mediterranean, good wine selection
Niederdorfstrasse 10
01 251 61 70
Italian Outback Lodge
Stadelhoferstr. 18
01 252 15 75
Category: $
Langstrasse 206
01 272 03 54
Best Kebap place in town... and possibly in Western Europe! Zeughauskeller
Bahnhofstrasse 28a
01 211 26 90

And yes, there's also McDonald's and Pizza Hut in case you're starving and desperately looking for something to fill your stomach with.

Museums, Culture, Events


Zurich offers a broad range of museums. Here is just a small selection of places that are worth a visit.

Schweizerisches Landesmuseum
Museumsstrasse 2
Swiss culture, history and art Mon closed
Tue-Sun 10.30-17
Kunsthaus Zürich
Heimplatz 1
Mainly 19th and 20th centuries paintings, drawings and sculptures. Dada Collection, Alberto Giacommetti Foundation. Mon closed
Tue-Thu 10-21
Fri-Sun 10-17
Museum Rietberg
Gablerstrasse 15
Non-European art Mon closed
Tue-Sun 10-17
Wed 10-20
Museum für Gestaltung
Ausstellungsstrasse 60
Drawing, photography, design, architecture Mon closed
Tue-Thu 10-20
Fri-Sun 11-18
Zoological Museum
Karl Schmid-Strasse 4
Fauna and flora from the past to the present Mon closed
Tue-Fri 9-17
Sat-Sun 10-16
Zurich Zoo
Zürichberstrasse 221
We don't need a description here, do we? ;-) Daily
March-October 8-18
November-February 8-17
Mythenquai 88
Sukkulent collection Daily
9.00-11.30 and 13.30-16.30


For a detailed list with some additional information as well as an event calendar please go to the Zurich Tourism Event Site.

Day Trips

In case Zurich doesn't offer enough excitement for you, there are a couple of places worth a visit. The following locations are suitable for a day trip an can be reached by public transportation. One hour from Zurich (see the railway timetable for details), the city of Lucerne, a popular destination for tourists, is rich in history and in a beautiful location on a lake surrounded by mountains. Stein am Rhein, a nice little town also one hour from Zurich (see the railway timetable for details), is located directly on the river Rhine. Spectacular waterfall. The Titlis is a famous skiing area in Switzerland. Great view, but make sure to wear warm clothes. There is snow and ice on the peak even during summertime thanks to a glacier. The nearby village Engelberg offers a lot of shopping possibilities. Very famous mountain close to Lucerne. Spectacular view. The small country of Liechtenstein is located east of Switzerland. The 'Kyburg' is a nice castle north of Zurich. Winterthur a a town very close to Zurich that offers a broad range of muesums and events.

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